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About Us

“Modern German Lace”, Elke Abate, sole proprietor and native German, is proud to import to the US, the finest German lace from Modespitze Plauen GmbH. The company is joint owner of “Plauener Spitze ®,” a quality brand name in the embroidery industry.

When I first was introduced to Modespitze Plauen (Fashion Lace) a few years ago, I was thrilled to see such beautiful lace. I fell in love with the quality of the workmanship and their tradition of only using highly qualified workers. I believe that this is a beautiful product and I am pleased to have the opportunity to market Plauener Spitze in the United States.

Modespitze Plauen is the finest lace and embroidery that is only designed and hand finished in their manufactory (based in the city Plauen in the State of Sachsen/ Germany) in compliance with the highest quality standards. In doing so, the company continues an old Plauen tradition of being the leading German centre of making lace for more than 120 years.

The emphasis of production lays mainly on tablecloths (large, medium and small sizes) and short / medium curtains made with the latest technology and finished by hand. Specialties are Macrame – and Guipure-Laces (pure embroidery), which are made in effortful procedures after the removing of the embroidery backing (ground fabric). Each single part of each design is fixed together by hand (Handwickeltechnik). In addition, the company offers a wide range of high quality tulle-and georgette-embroidery as well as embroidery fabrics and applications (for bridal gowns, altar cloths, baptism gowns, and ladies accessories); handkerchief, small embroidery pillow covers; seasonal hanging lace window deco; Christmas tablecloths of all sizes; Christmas short curtains and more.

Click here for our catalog with an extensive listing of Modern German Lace made in Plauen and proudly labeled Plauener Spitze ®.

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